Prescott Arizona February 16, 2021

Explore the Dells!

Explore The Granite Dells

“One of Prescott AZ’s treasures has to be the Granite Dells.  A little over 4 miles North of downtown Prescott, the Dells offer unique granite rock formations, 2 small lakes, and miles upon miles of trails.  From easy mountain bike rides, leisurely hikes, to tough and technical terrain as well, the Dells offer something truly unique when it comes to outdoor recreation.

The two main areas that visitors go to on a daily basis are the city parks located in the Granite Dells.  Watson Lake Park and Willow Lake Park.  Both parks are open year round allowing visitors to see the changing scenery through the 4 mild seasons.  The summers are cooler than Southern Arizona.  And the winters are mild too, offering snow occasionally that melts off pretty quickly.

Of course, Monsoon season in Prescott AZ offers some incredible cloud builds, and dramatic sunrise and sunset photography opportunities.  And the dells offer stunning views during the season.  Even outside of the monsoon season, the views in these unique formations are second to none.

For more information about each of the city parks, look below.  And be sure to check out what a typical weekend in the dells looks like on the video included in this page.

The Granite Dells, Prescott AZ.  A fantastic outdoor recreational location.”

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